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F&S Consultores works to offer you the different financial options most in line with your requirements. In permanent contact with banks and financial entities, both at home and abroad, we draw up personalised economic and financial recommendations in line with your economic needs. The handling of financial operations is just part of a wide range of possibilities we can offer as intermediaries. We are in a position to offer:




1.- Bank loans for SMEs


The personal loan is the most common and straightforward way to acquire assets. The bank lends money to a client, who undertakes to return the said amount plus the corresponding interest in successive periods (normally calendar months or quarterly).


We study the best personal or collective loan, with a variable interest rate or long-term, as determined by our financial analysts as being most in line with your personal situation (or business situation, should the money be required to finance current assets or machinery).


We shall analyse each individual case to see whether other securities, in addition to those of the loanee(s), should be incorporated, for example:


- Incorporating guarantors in the operation. The guarantor is subsidiarily liable for the payment of the loanee's debt, in such a manner that, if the loanee fails to satisfy the loan repayments, the same shall correspond to the guarantor. Should the guarantor also fail to satisfy the said repayments, the bank shall be entitled to call on the loanee's assets, or, failing this, those of the guarantor.


- Pledging an item of the loanee. Pledge agreements consist of pledging a movable good (usually a financial asset) belonging to the loanee, in such a manner that, should he fail to repay the debt, the ownership of the pledged item is transferred to the bank.




2.- Mortgage and collateral securities


We can set up tangible securities and mortgages, helping you to find the best conditions for your mortgage and manage your credit condition.


A mortgage loan is different to a personal loan, basically due to the system of securities. In a mortgage operation, the loanee, apart from being personally liable for the return of the loan, contributes, by way of a security, an item of real estate up until the loan has been returned, in such a manner that if the loanee does not return the loan, the ownership of the mortgaged property is transferred to the bank. It is a loan with a mortgage security.


This type of operation requires detailed advice, which we can provide since we have a team of economists and lawyers to participate in the legal processes necessary for the correct formalisation of the same, such as the constitution of the mortgage security for the property in a public document before a notary public, with subsequent registration in the Property Register.




3.- Purchase financing


Using national and international finance entities and investment groups, we aim to find the financing or products you need in line with your specific purchase requirements.




4.- Applications for subsidies and support grants.


We can manage on your behalf, keeping you properly and regularly informed, any local, provincial or European subsidy programme which may be in keeping with your activity and destined to small and medium-sized companies.




5.- Financial investment analysis


We can advise you at any moment on investments in assets, such as placing funds in share issuing companies.




6.- Investment funds


These investment instruments are a simple, convenient and safe way to obtain good performance for your savings. Investment funds are collective investment instruments, the fund being made up of the contributions of many savers, managed by finance professionals whose aim is to obtain a maximum return.


Investment funds are very popular for three reasons:


- They provide almost immediate liquidity: at most, you have to wait 48 hours to recover the money.


- They are accessible to all kinds of investors.


- They have fiscal benefits. In order to understand their taxation, remember that funds may be either capitalisation funds, in which you will only collect the profits generated once at the conclusion of the savings period you have set, or distribution funds, in which you will periodically receive money from the profits which the investment has generated.


In fiscal terms, it is usually better to invest in a capitalisation fund since the Tax Authority does not tax the profits until the moment the investor decides to recover his money.




7.- Advice on the purchase and sale of national and foreign companies


We offer integral advice on the total or partial acquisition of mercantile entities, both at home and abroad, always looking for the best option to satisfy your needs.




8.- Leasing


Financial leasing is a kind of mercantile leasing which involves, on the one hand, a specific company whose purpose is to carry out the said financial leasings, with or without a purchase option, and, on the other hand, a business or individual who wishes to have access to specific goods or properties, as chosen by the client, and who directly acquires the goods to be leased and simultaneously transfers their use to the lessee during the period of time established, for a price distributed in regular payments.




9.- Renting


In renting the lessee hires from the lessor those items of equipment which he does not wish to own outright. It is different to leasing in that:


- It is a short-term operation, compared to the medium or long-term of the leasing.


- There is no purchase option upon conclusion of the contract.


- Renting incorporates other services such as maintenance, repairs, etc...




10.- Factoring


This financial operation involves the transfer of the commercial credits of a company's clients to a factor or factoring business in exchange for an amount established contractually, with or without determined margins (discount on the nominal value of the credits in keeping with the characteristics, plus a withholding of the outstanding credit volume), or discretional access up to a limit established in accordance with the credits in force. The factoring company technically assesses the risks, handles the collection of payments and carries out administrative tasks and financing functions by way of the setting up of credit cash.




11.- Confirming


This financial operation involves confirming to a seller the assumption of the payment of a third-party purchase and sale operation in which payment is to due once the equipment or goods contained in the corresponding agreement have been sold.


We shall negotiate with financial entities offering this service to companies of a certain size in order to process payments to suppliers, with the possibility of financial instalments, hence solving problems of cash flow imbalances.




12.- Management and support in negotiations with financial entities


Initial analysis of the viability of your operation. We shall carry out all the necessary processes with the corresponding financial entity (credit, insurance, real estate, portfolio managers, venture capitalists, etc...).




13.- Asset management


We can advise you on any operations you wish to carry out in order to manage and maximise your assets, providing advice on real estate operations and the setting up of mortgage securities. We will also carry out a study of the property securities, ensuring that the real estate investment is in line with your project and requirements.



14.- Real estate investments


Our financial analysts will recommend those economic transactions directly involving the property or the enjoyment of an item of real estate in the best conditions possible on the market.





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