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Investment funds







These investment instruments are a simple, convenient and safe way to obtain good performance for your savings. Investment funds are collective investment instruments, the fund being made up of the contributions of many savers, managed by finance professionals whose aim is to obtain a maximum return.


Investment funds are very popular for three reasons:


- They provide almost immediate liquidity: at most, you have to wait 48 hours to recover the money.


- They are accessible to all kinds of investors.


- They have fiscal benefits. In order to understand their taxation, remember that funds may be either capitalisation funds, in which you will only collect the profits generated once at the conclusion of the savings period you have set, or distribution funds, in which you will periodically receive money from the profits which the investment has generated.


In fiscal terms, it is usually better to invest in a capitalisation fund since the Tax Authority does not tax the profits until the moment the investor decides to recover his money.


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