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Mortgage and collateral securities







We can set up tangible securities and mortgages, helping you to find the best conditions for your mortgage and manage your credit condition.


A mortgage loan is different to a personal loan, basically due to the system of securities. In a mortgage operation, the loanee, apart from being personally liable for the return of the loan, contributes, by way of a security, an item of real estate up until the loan has been returned, in such a manner that if the loanee does not return the loan, the ownership of the mortgaged property is transferred to the bank. It is a loan with a mortgage security.


This type of operation requires detailed advice, which we can provide since we have a team of economists and lawyers to participate in the legal processes necessary for the correct formalisation of the same, such as the constitution of the mortgage security for the property in a public document before a notary public, with subsequent registration in the Property Register.


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