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Labour Section









Up-to-date, ongoing labour advice.


Assistance and representation before the Work Inspection services.


Processing of registrations, withdrawals and modifications of companies in the Social Security system and in work accident insurance policies.


Processing of registrations, withdrawals and modifications of workers in the Social Security system, the Special Regime for Self Employed Persons, and in the other different special regimes (domestic workers, commerce representatives, agrarian sector, etc...).


Study and application for retirement, widow, orphan, disability and other pensions.


Obtaining of the obligatory Labour Hazard Prevention certificate for all work centres.


Legalisation of the Work Ministry Inspection visit books.


Study and formalisation of employment contracts in accordance with the requirements of the company and current applicable legislation.


Study and request for labour subsidies and grants to which the company may be entitled.


Formalisation of certificates and documents for work accidents, illnesses or maternity leave.


Drawing up of wage slips, settlements in line with the corresponding collective agreement and current legislation.


Dispatch of wages, settlements and miscellaneous documentation to the company offices.


Drawing up and dispatch of Social Security documents to the company offices or the bank designated by the company, hence avoiding costly personal visits.


Redundancy processes.


Disciplinary processes.


Acts of conciliation before the Mediation, Arbitration and Conciliation Service and those regarding extrajudicial proceedings for labour conflicts.


Matters of dispute, such as assistance and advice in claims for outstanding amounts, objections to services, claims following disciplinary or objective dismissals, and other individual or collective contractual disputes.


Claims before the Social Security department.


Labour Section