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Bank loans for SMEs




The personal loan is the most common and straightforward way to acquire assets. The bank lends money to a client, who undertakes to return the said amount plus the corresponding interest in successive periods (normally calendar months or quarterly).


We study the best personal or collective loan, with a variable interest rate or long-term, as determined by our financial analysts as being most in line with your personal situation (or business situation, should the money be required to finance current assets or machinery).


We shall analyse each individual case to see whether other securities, in addition to those of the loanee(s), should be incorporated, for example:


- Incorporating guarantors in the operation. The guarantor is subsidiarily liable for the payment of the loanee's debt, in such a manner that, if the loanee fails to satisfy the loan repayments, the same shall correspond to the guarantor. Should the guarantor also fail to satisfy the said repayments, the bank shall be entitled to call on the loanee's assets, or, failing this, those of the guarantor.


- Pledging an item of the loanee. Pledge agreements consist of pledging a movable good (usually a financial asset) belonging to the loanee, in such a manner that, should he fail to repay the debt, the ownership of the pledged item is transferred to the bank.


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