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International Services


International Services









Setting up, management and administration of companies.


Trading and holding business/patrimonial structures, services, investments, real estate, brand/patent holders and financial entities.


Companies in different countries around the world.


Opening of branches.


Selection of existing companies which can operate right away.




International fiscal services.


International fiscal planning.


Accountancy and auditing.


European VAT administration register.


Reimbursement of VAT payments.


Fiscal representation.




International commercial services.


Support for commercial transactions.


Financing of international trade operations.


Credit insurance.


Anticipation and handling of collections or credits.


Discounting of credit without recourse to the beneficiary.


Transfer, confirmation and/or discounting of credit letters.


Registration of patents and brands.


Registration of yachts and boats.


Drawing up of contracts and international agreements.



"Trusts" and foundations.


Setting up and management of trusts for shareholdings in order to guarantee anonymity.


Structures to safeguard and protect assets and wealth.


Inheritance planning for assets and wealth, in order to avoid inheritance tax and inheritance regulations.


Trust services (Trust management).




International financial and banking services.


Presentation of international banking services and opening of accounts abroad.


Credit and debit cards.


Asset management.


Tax-free financial applications.




Administrative services.


Registered company offices.


Representation offices.


Collection and redistribution of correspondence.


Communications (telephone, fax, e-mail).


Drawing up of all kinds of documents.




Notary Public services in Spanish,English, French and other languages.


Legalisation and "APOSTILLE" of documents.